Australian Online Shopping Report 2017

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The eCommerce industry in Australia is now an established channel for any retail business. However, merchants will be required to raise their standard as Amazon enters and disrupts the highly competitive industry. The 2017 Online Shopping report reveals powerful insights for merchants to understand the marketplace and make evidence-based decisions to improve and grow their online retail business.

Australia Post: eCommerce Industry Report

It’s no secret that Australia Post is undergoing a tough transition in the face of a declining mail business. However, their strategy to target efforts on the growing eCommerce sector is paying dividends , as their parcel revenue jumped 8.2% over the last 6 months of last year. As part of the strategy they seek to support and grow the sector, and partner with merchants to deliver packages throughout Australia. Their 2017 eCommerce Industry Paper – provides powerful insights for retailers current state of the eCommerce industry.

State Of The 2017 eCommerce Industry

Compared to 2015, the eCommerce industry in Australia as a whole grew in a number of key areas throughout 2016.


increase in online purchases

When compared to shopping in bricks & mortar stores, motivating factors for online purchases include:

  • Price
  • Easier comparisons
  • Variety
  • Convenience


increase in parcels per shopper

The annual average number of parcels being delivered to each online shopper has increased due to:

  • More sophisticated online retail experiences
  • Strategies increasing brand loyalty


growth in online shopping over bricks & mortar

While online retail grew more than physical retail – the size of the bricks-and-mortar industry still far exceeds the online market.

Key Market Insights

There are some key figures that stand-out from the report, that provide insights into the state of the market and consumer’s online shopping behaviour.

Mobile Devices

Percentage of purchases from mobile devices.



Time Of Day

Percentage of purchases made by time of day.





Merry Monday

The last Monday before Christmas is normally the busiest day of the year for deliveries.

million parcels

Games & Toys

This sector sees a huge surge in online purchases from October-December.


market share

Domestic Products

Total spend on domestic products compared to international products.


market share

Department & Variety Stores, Fashion

Over half of all online purchases are for products in the Department & Variety store category and fashion.


market share


Demand for products where consumers can co-design or add personal touches.



Points Of Action For Retailers

While it’s all well and good to talk about numbers and statistics – without a plan to utilise them, they are meaningless. Here are 5 points of action for retailers, to leverage these insights and grow their business.

Target Peak Shopping Times

Insights into the busiest time of day for online shopping is incredibly useful for online retailers. For example, those that use Google Adwords to drive traffic to their store can increase your budget at these times to stay ahead of the competition and reach more potential customers.

Get Ready For Christmas Shopping

The surge in online orders starts in October, so now is the time to ensure your store is in top-shape to convert the extra traffic into sales. Services like AfterPay are having a big impact on conversion rates, so if you don’t offer it – now is the time to implement.

Improve Your Mobile Experience

To capitalise on the growing rate of mobile purchasing, ensure your site has a first rate mobile experience. Check your analytics to ensure users on mobile devices are performing well on all stages of the buying journey through to the checkout.

Provide A Personal Experience

Not only is demand for personalised products on the rise, it is a highly effective strategy to maintain brand loyalty and repeat purchases. It has led to an increase in the number of parcels per shopper.

Commit To Continual Improvement

Not only is the market growing, it is becoming more sophisticated. Amazon’s entrance is only going to increase that and require existing merchants to raise the bar. Dedicating time and budget to the continual improvement of website performance, conversion rate optimisations and sales initiatives will ensure you don’t slip backwards as others grow.


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