Building an eCommerce Website Portfolio

by | Apr 11, 2017 | News

I want to deliver more success stories!

As part of launching a digital consulting business, I am working to build upon the successful projects I have delivered so far. I am expanding my eCommerce website portfolio and looking for new clients to come on board. To drive this expansion, I am offering reduced rates on eCommerce projects. My business reputation demands that retailers receive high-quality work and effective websites that generate strong sales.

Launching My Own Business

After 15 years of successfully managing small businesses, delivering websites, developing growth strategies and creating digital initiatives to generate revenue, I’m taking the leap and building a digital consulting company of my own!

A major part of my working career was spent in the music industry, managing a leading independent label. I‘m proud to say the business thrived in an endangered industry because of my ability to incorporate digital innovation. For years, we followed the ‘fast-fail’ approach to constantly test new digital business models as the ground shifted from under our feet. But what a great way to embrace all things digital and look at how businesses can not only survive, but thrive when the ‘old way of doing things’ no longer works!

So, off I went back to university to get myself a Master of Business (IT). The aim was to integrate my business practice with theoretical frameworks that seek to deliver business value from technology decisions. To this day, that’s still my mantra. All digital initiatives must be measured on clear outcomes for generating real growth to the bottom line of a business. All my projects since have held that one thing in mind.

Fortunately, I’ve been lucky enough to work out of a co-working space (Depo8) that is full of hugely talented and inspiring entrepreneurs. I’ve been working on a range of great projects and grown my networks, bringing in expert skills for things like design and copywriting, so that I could deliver the absolute best results possible for my clients.

And when it comes to finding clients for a new business, I’ve been blessed with plenty of entrepreneurial family and friends who run their own businesses and who have benefited from employing my skills. As is the same for a lot of startup businesses, initial sales often come from family and friends.  ‘If you can’t get your family and friends to buy from you, why would a complete stranger trust you with their business?’

So, with some great initial jobs under my belt, 15 years experience of managing business and strong network of expert skills to draw on, I am now ready to take the next leap!

Where To From Here?

I am building my eCommerce website portfolio. This is a unique opportunity for businesses to capitalise on the high quality of work I provide and for retailers to experience how an effective website generates strong sales! To that end, I am offering eCommerce websites at reduced rates while I build my portfolio. As part of the package, you will experience the exceptional Drive Digital service and commitment to deliver you business results.

If you would like to discuss a new project, please get in touch below.

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